Dunnottar Castle

Dunnottar Castle

Dunnottar Castle is a ruined castle which is situated in North Eastern coast of Scotland, about 3 km south of Stonehaven. Castle is located on a rocky headland and it is also known as the “fort on the shelving slope”. Dunnottar Castle was built in 1400-1600 and it was used until 1718.

Dunnottar Castle is well known for the place of the honours of Scotland.

Crown jewels of the Scottish were hidden from the attacking armies of Oliver Cromwell in the 17th century. In the history of Scotland, Dunnottar Castle was a salient place when the jacobites were rising, because of its defensive strength and suitability of location.

Dunnottar Castle

Picturesque location of the Dunnottar Castle

Dunnottar Castle is located on a rocky land that covers about 1.4 hectares. Steep cliffs that drop to the North Sea which stretched about 50m below can be seen around the castle. The mainland and headland are joined through a narrow path of land with a steep path towards the gatehouse.

Dunnottar Castle

History of the Dunnottar Castle

Early middle ages

In the 5th century a Chapel founded by st Ninian, firstly it was not clear. Some kings expanded their ruling area by capturing nearby lands. According to the chronicles of Scotland, during an attack by vikings in 900 the King Donald 2 of Scotland who is considered as the first king of alba was killed at Dunnottar. In the accounts of symeon of Durham an English king launched a force in 934 and captured as much as Dunnottar.

Present condition of the castle

Dunnottar Castle is now abandoned, and it is under the protection of dunecht estates. Castle is now open to public.

Dunnottar Castle

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