100 animals to energize your life and awaken the hard cover of your soul


Animal Power is an enlightened guide to the power of the animal world and how it can bring peace, healing and empowerment to your life, with over 100 different animal illustrations, interpretations, and 100 fascinating stories from around the world.

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In this luxury treat, get ready to discover 100 outstanding animals to share with you and rituals, meditations and visualizations to connect with their specific messages. Learn how the bear’s animal power for comfort and protection, the leopard for confidence, the seal for healthy relationships, the peacock for creative inspiration and much more.

These practices are paired with enlightening stories from spiritual teachers around the world, as well as interesting detailed columns on ancient traditions, global myths, and scientific facts. Distributed in an intriguing package full of insight and magic, Animal Power is a celebration of the natural world and an inspiring companion for modern occultists, nature and animal lovers, and those with a spiritual curiosity.

Elegance to the Gift and Exhibition: Luxurious and eye-catching, this publication package includes 100 full page illustrations and glittering accents on the case, making it a beautiful gift for modern mystics, meditators, animals and nature lovers alike. Spiritual curiosity.

Powerful + Fun Discoveries: Animal power offers endless opportunities to unlock hidden power and wisdom and offers solutions that awaken more joy, love and fulfillment. Readers can see what the animal shown in their life is trying to teach them, choose an animal that resonates with them at any time of the day, or turn a random page to close their eyes and give inspiration. Morning. It is a perfect blend of interaction, discovery, respect and joy.

Techniques for access to everyday life: This book offers accessible, easy-to-follow insights into spiritual guidance, meditation techniques, and translational shamanic practices. Discover the powerful healing properties and abilities of each creature with their insightful messages that energize your life and awaken your soul. Individuals interested in self-care, mindfulness, and personal transformation will enjoy brief uses that can be easily incorporated into everyday life.


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