25.87 million hectares of Indian forests “missing”: CSE analysis book


India’s 25.87 million hectares (ha) of forests are “missing” – when combined, the area is similar to Uttar Pradesh – according to official data, the difference between recorded forests and forest cover, according to the Center for Science and the Environment (CSE) analysis. Showed Thursday. The CSE analysis is based on the Indian Forest State Report 2021 (ISFR2021), which was released a few weeks ago.

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“The report does not touch on the situation of India’s 25.87 million hectares of ‘disappeared’ forest area.”. This is the difference between what is ‘recorded’ as a forest area and the actual forest cover of that recorded area. The recorded forest cover is 77.53 million hectares but the forest cover of these lands is 51.66 million hectares. This shows that about 34 percent of the area classified as forest is missing in the assessment.

“Where is the difference of 25.87 million hectares?”Is not explained in any way throughout the entire paper. She said, Outside of the report, a very senior official told her that 11 million hectares had been accounted for, including that 3 million hectares had been invaded, 1 million hectares in villages and 2 million hectares had been diverted. “However, none of this is addressed in the study,” she noted. Of the total geographical area of ​​328.74 million hectares, 23.5 per cent or 77.53 million hectares is recorded forest area (RFA). It consists of 44.22 million hectares of forest reserves, 21.22 million hectares of protected forests and 12.07 million unclassified forests.

“Of the total RFAs, 51.66 million hectares are forest cover (15.7 per cent of India’s geographical area), of which 25.87 million hectares is unexplained,” Narine told the annual press conference. When not digitized, there was room for such miscalculations, but as it has now been done, the Forest Department has definite digital coordinates of forest land, confirming that 28 percent of the country’s forest cover is on foreign lands. Administration of the Department.


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