African elephant life search book


African elephant life full search. the African elephant is the world’s largest land mammal weighing up to 6.6 tons, it has a long flexible trunk, lang curved tusk, and huge ears.

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elephants use their trunks for many things including smell. breathing. detecting vibrations petting their young sucjing up water, and grasping objects the tip of the trunk is like your thumbs and index finger. elephants can open and close it like you open and close your fingers! an elephant’s trunk is about seven feet long. When an elephant drinks it sucks as much as 2 gallons of water into its trunk, curls the trunk under, sticks it onto its mouth, and blows. This is how an elephant drinks water! elephants also use their trunk to keep cool by squirting water and dust over themselves to prevent sunburn.

Both male and female elephants have tusks, which are like your teeth. Babies have tusks when they are born, but the baby tusks fall out after a year and permanent ones grow in their place. These permanent tusks will grow through the elephant’s life. An elephant’s tusks are used for digging, finding food, and fighting.

an African elephant’s ears are huge! The ears help keep the elephant cool in the hot African sun. The ears are often used to communicate. when an elephant flaps its ears, he is saying that he is either happy or angry. The elephant’s large ears also help it hear sounds from far away. an elephant can hear another elephant call about 25 miles away.


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