Kids for that love animals book


There are so many wonderful books about amazing animals, this list was hard to narrow down. From live characters to fun facts about the animal kingdom, we have included here something for all ages – even the smallest animal lovers!

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Ladybird Animal

Adventurous ducklings, greedy squirrels and clever piglets are featured in this collection of fun fictional audio stories. Fun and informative stories explore the hidden life of wild animals, while creative and engaging sound effects evoke questions and broaden the inquisitive mind. Although it is aimed at children between the ages of three and six, it is definitely one that the whole family can enjoy.

Select Sloths

Lazy creatures may not be the most energetic, but they certainly make great friends! Build your own lazy team with this smiling book. Each page has five different layouts to choose from, each with its own style and character. Which lazy person do you choose to play hide and seek with? Which lazy one would you choose as your yoga friend? Which lazy person would you choose to get lost on a desert island? This nonsense book is bound to start some fun discussions and will help your child develop decision-making skills.

Baby touch

This is the best first word book for babies starting to learn about animals. Use animal-shaped tabs to help you flip through pages and find different creatures. Like the other books in the Baby Touch series, there are stimulus touch and feel areas to talk to and stroke with your baby. Which animal feels soft? Which one feels like a bump? From pets and farm animals to underwater creatures, many new animals will be introduced to young children.



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