The obscure urban forest beneath Toronto full guide book


The valley beneath the largest city in Canada is also an ancient system. Carved by glaciers that recede 12,000 years ago, these winding rivers, meadows, underground forests, secret beaches and micro-valleys – one of the largest valley systems in the world (30 times as large as New York Central Park) – in Toronto Shape the geography. It is this valley that gives Toronto the nickname “a city within a park”.

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But even this valley, which now covers an estimated 17 percent of the city, is at risk from urban development and invasive species. Decades of rapid urbanization transformed Toronto into a thriving ecosystem connecting major rivers. In the early 20th century, many of the city’s ancient grasslands and wetlands were rehabilitated; Much of the jungle became a dumping ground for illegal dumping. And companies used streams and rivers as a waste disposal system.

Fortunately, continued efforts to preserve Toronto’s natural heritage are showing signs of success. This revival will benefit the environment and the locals as well as the adventurous tourists. More than a million people use the urban forest each year to cycle, climb, and explore the lesser known parts of the city. By 2021, the city council has agreed to invest $ 66 million to improve the curbs and create a 50-mile continuous multi-purpose loop trail, which will encourage people to explore the city’s valley system, the waterfront and the latest neighborhoods.


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