The Sheep-Pig Book


(Dick King-novel Smith’s children’s The Sheep-Pig, or Babe, the Gallant Pig in the United States, was first published by Gollancz in 1983 with pictures by Mary Rayner.)

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Dick King-Smith was born in the English county of Gloucestershire in the year 1922. He was a successful children’s author, although his first story was not published until he was 58 years old. Despite his late start, King-Smith went on to publish more than a hundred children’s novels.

Before becoming a writer, King-Smith served in the Grenadier Guard during WWII. He married, had children, and worked as a farmer for the following twenty years after completing his military service. He then chose to change jobs totally, working for seven years as a teacher in a small elementary school. He wrote his first children’s story at this time period. He decided to become a freelance writer in 1982 because it was so successful.

King-Smith was named Children’s Author of the Year at the British Book Awards in 1992 for The Sheep-Pig, which earned an important Children’s Fiction Award. ‘I came late to writing — after a good long time farming,’ King-Smith stated of himself. Later, I taught small children (and have ten grandkids of my own), and it is because of their potential enjoyment of a narrative that I enjoy writing it.’ The author grew up in a seventeenth-century cottage close to his birthplace. In 2011, he passed away


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